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What We Do

Umbarra offer comprehensive service & supply packages throughout Australia, including metropolitan, regional and remote areas. In addition to its own staff and technicians, Umbarra have developed strategic alliance partnerships with other industry leading service & supply companies, to achieve its objective of a truly national service and supply offering.

Case Study

Case study
Wet Chemical fire suppression upgrade of a major Australian Airlines catering facility Melbourne

The challenge: Protect Commercial Kitchens from fires caused by grease build up.

In 2018 one of our clients, a large Australian airlines catering division took a major step towards providing a safer working environment for their employees, contractors and visitors; by providing kitchen and other staff with a swift, reliable and effective kitchen fire protection system.

Our team members initially led and supported a sourcing project to identify a supplier who could supply and install a wet chemical fire suppression for our client. Initially, we helped to develop the requirements and specifications for the project with key stakeholders.

Our project management team then took on the responsibility for acquiring all the building applications and approvals process' with the Melbourne Airport Authority and Dept of Infrastructure, Cities & Regional Development. In addition to, sourcing shortlisting and coordinating all the respective trades including; plumbers, electricians, fire techs.

The project team then project-managed the entire process through to facilitating the final sign off and organising Independent Certifiers to ensure systems were complete and in accordance with the specifications set out in the project engineers' original scope of works

Our role included managing the expectations of all parties including: Airline Catering management and Procurement, the facilities manager (for airline contract), Engineers, airport as well as government agencies.

The Solution: decommission their existing antiquated wet chemical suppression infrastructure and replace it with a custom upgrade.

Upon completion a total 26 meters of wet chemical fire suppression infrastructure across three separate cook banks had been installed.

The most highly regarded and widely used commercial kitchen fire safety system was chosen for the project; a wet chemical system, with a suppression agent specially developed to suppress kitchen fires.  Delivering fast flame knock-down, vapour securement and cooling of hot cooking surfaces and cooking oils. The system operates automatically to protect the cooking appliances, hoods and ductwork.

All the installations took place outside of trading hours to not disrupt kitchen operations or inconvenience the day to day operations of the facility.

The Outcome: A world class commercial kitchen fire protection system, efficiently installed with minimal disruption. The system used in our clients catering facility kitchens achieves the highest fire safety standards and complies with the most stringent Australian and international codes and standards.


   Benefits of Our System Include

  • Reduced data entry, paperwork, and management time.
  • Substantial reduction in compliance expenses.
  • A transparent process of service and quality control.
  • Extended data reporting: analysis of all tested assets.
  • Regular servicing with all test results centralised to one database.

Our Value Proposition

Umbarra offers an independent, highly customer focused suite of safety goods & services. 

The Company provides relevant compliance information, quality service and supply equipment that exceeds the recommended testing and compliance standards.

We will endeavour to best understand a client’s requirements, needs and expectations. Our services are then tailored to suit the client’s business requirements, allowing owners and managers to focus on their core business.  

Umbarra are certified with Supply Nation

Umbarra are a prequalified, approved supplier for Qantas

- Comply Flow Member ID 3876

Umbarra are a prequalified, approved supplier for Lend Lease

-ref number: BROWZ Member ID is 3B52E coupled with the member logo.

Umbarra have a standing offer / preferred supplier agreement with Programmed Maintenance Services (Programmed), to undertake fire services maintenance & electrical testing and tagging.

Umbarra can be engaged by Commonwealth Government buyers for contracts of any size under the Indigenous Procurement Policy

Umbarra can be engaged by NSW Government Agencies with a single quote up to $250,000 under the NSW Aboriginal Procurement Policy

Umbarra can help support your Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) or Procurement Policy targets that support Aboriginal employment opportunities and participation and growth of Aboriginal-owned businesses.

Umbarra can help you meet your Indigenous Procurement Policy &/or corporate social responsibility targets.

Umbarra are certified suppliers under the NSW State Government general construction scheme up to $150,000.